About BS11000

Collaborative Business Relationships

PartneringIn business, as in other walks of life, teamwork can pay real dividends. Companies that work together can often achieve much more in collaboration than they can alone. Working in partnership with other organisations allows knowledge, skills and resources to be shared effectively – helping all involved to meet mutual goals.

Collaborative relationships also lead to better cost and risk management, as well as levels of innovation not normally achieved in a typical client-supplier relationship, thus enhancing competitiveness and performance.

What is BS 11000?

Helping you and your partners work better together…

BS 11000, the successor to the PAS 11000 management system standard, is a British Standard that provides a framework specification for creating and managing collaborative business relationships. It’s all about the best way for businesses to collaborate – how they can work together most effectively, developing and managing their interactions with each other for maximum benefit to all.

Using an eight stage approach, BS 11000 is designed to enable organisations of any size and sector to apply best practice principles to their own ways of working, to get the most out of business relationships . BS 11000 gives guidelines on increasing joint efficiency, transparency and understanding around governance processes. It also includes advice on assessing and monitoring these partnerships through a relationship management plan.

BS 11000 maps the key areas which all organisations should address. It is recognised that every relationship is different and that the degree of application will vary within the overall framework. However, the key issues will be common to most. It is these key factors that BS 11000 captures and thus provides a common and consistent foundation for collaboration.

Who should buy BS 11000?

  • Organisations working within a supply chain
  • Organisations managing a supply chain
  • Those who want to improve efficiency and partnership working.
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