How BS 11000 can help an organisation

BS 11000 Benefits

BS 11000 can help an organisation:

  • Identify how relationship management can help achieve its business objectives
  • Evaluate the benefits of entering into a single or multiple partnerships
  • Select the right partner to complement its objectives
  • Build a joint approach based on mutual advantage
  • Develop added value from the relationship
  • Measure and maintain maximum benefit
  • Develop and execute an exit strategy

Benefits of implementation and certification

Partner integration

The standard creates a robust framework and a neutral platform for establishing effective collaborative programmes for mutual benefit. Its core value is commonality of application between delivery partners and better integration and integrity of supply chains.

Establishes the foundations for partnering

BS 11000 was developed through pan-industry input and thus is not sector specific therefore providing a basis for broader adoption and engagement. The standard provides a common foundation and language for relationships between the private and public sector.

Improved partner selection

BS 11000 provides a basis for benchmarking the collaborative capability of organisations both internally and externally.

Improved risk management and confidence

BS 11000 helps improve customer confidence and encourages organisations to focus on developing more effective joint risk management programmes. These can be related to both the challenges of specific programmes as well as those linked to relationship aspects of collaborative working .


The standard specifies a consistent yet flexible approach which provides a foundation for repeatability across programmes and increased opportunity to focus on developing value.

Enhanced focus

The standard provides a consistent and structured approach for the integration of collaborative working within operational procedures, processes and systems.

Baseline for improvement

BS 11000 establishes a baseline to support resource development and training as enhanced skills and interchangeability of personnel will increase collaborative capability.

Proof through independent assessment and certification

Organisations adopting the principles of BS 11000 can choose to have BSI assess their compliance with the standard, and issue a certificate to that effect. Not only is this proof to stakeholders that best practice is being followed, but the rigour and independence of the process guarantees consistency of implementation whilst driving continuous improvement.