The benefits of implementing BS 11000 are numerous and will be organisation specific – based on the business objectives. The value of certification is the proof to stakeholders that best practice is being followed.

Assessments are carried out by BSI and are totally independent. Get in touch with BSI and let them know your requirements, so the best service can be arranged for you. Call 0845 080 9000, email an advisor or request a quote for BS 11000 review and assessment. A Client Manager will be assigned, who will be your main point of contact. They will support you as you move through the certification process.

The key requirements of certification are like many other business management systems standards which are:

  • There must be established and recognisable business processes in place
  • There must be evidence that these processes are being robustly applied
  • There must be a level of understanding for the requirements by those involved

New Information Paradigms has developed a web-based system, designed for organisations new to BS 11000. It provides a roadmap from inception to completion of certification and allows organisations to chart their progress and manage the whole process from end to end.

We’re currently looking for organisations ready to develop, enhance and implement this approach, so if you’d like to learn more, or better still join in, please do contact us.

22 Step Roadmap from Inception to Completion

For previous steps, please see the Implementation page.

5: Independent assessment
5.1 Stage One process assessment
5.2 Implement necessary updates to processes
5.3 Prepare detailed evidence
5.4 Stage Two assessment of operating processes
5.5 Certification and beyond – Once the assessment has been successfully completed, a certificate of registration will be awarded. This is valid for 3 years and your assessor will visit you regularly to help you make sure you remain compliant and support you in the continual improvement of your systems.