Relationship Management Plan

Since BS 11000 emerged as a standard in 2010 it has become increasingly clear that the Relationship Management Plan (RMP) is at the heart of a company’s engagement with it.

The introduction of an RMP provides a framework to both document the development process and create a dynamic record of, not just a company’s compliance with BS 11000, but their entire approach to partnering and collaboration. It establishes open, honest lines of communication between collaborators and is vital to the success of collaborative programmes.

The RMP is designed to be continuously updated as the programme evolves – in this way it provides a focus and background for operational personnel and, where appropriate, a centralised record for any process audit or assessment in the case of organisations seeking accreditation for the BS 11000 standard.

RMP Support

New Information Paradigms has developed a web-based approach to create, maintain and develop an RMP (including supporting documents, projects and actions) based on an internal system we use to manage our own business.

NIP’s solutions have always been about empowering professional teams to work more effectively, usually across traditional organisational boundaries and with unstructured information that commonly falls between IT systems. The RMP, therefore, was a natural place to utilise that expertise.

We’re currently looking for organisations ready to develop, enhance and implement this approach, so if you’d like to learn more, or better still join in, please do contact us.