Daventry Business and Consultancy Services Ltd (DBACS) has been established as an independent consultant with a view to offering a more individually tailored service to organisations making available all of the knowledge, experience and expertise within the company. In particular in relation to management and assurance systems, qualification system support and collaborative working guidance and informed direction. Daventry Business and Consultancy Services Limited also provides a wide variety of additional services to the rail and construction industry.

Please visit www.dbandcsl.com for more information.

DBACS is currently working with some organisations to provide specific BS11000 awareness seminars. These are aimed at delivering an outline of the Standard and awareness of the route to accreditation and positioning collaborative working in relation to the current initiatives in the UK rail and construction industry. These one day sessions are proving popular with organisations seeking to understand how BS11000 accreditation by their customers, their suppliers and themselves will affect them and as an aid to whether they should make the decision to travel down the accreditation route themselves.