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New Information Paradigms delivers web-based application solutions for professional teams. Our Solutions are currently focussed in the Pharmaceutical and Public sectors and more generally in the area of Relationship Development.

NIP’s goals and objectives have always been to empower individuals and teams, retaining flexibility and pragmatism alongside rigour and professionalism for our customers and for ourselves. To this end, we look for projects and technologies that not only serve an immediate purpose, but also provide a future growth path, scope for integration and protection from proprietary lock-in.

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Relationship Measurement Tools

CRAFT Partnering Toolkit

Working with The Institute of Collaborative Working, these unique CRAFT tools have been created to provide an easy to use toolbox to capture the collaborative profile of organisations and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. By making the programmes available online they enable users to capture information across a broad user base and instantly convert these perspectives into graphical displays and diagnostic reports. To get started with the tools, please contact us.

Trust Index

NIP has been working with The Institute of Collaborative Working to provide access to a web-based version of the CRAFT Trust Index, as part of a toolkit for companies undergoing BS11000 certification, for the past 2 years. We are now launching a stand alone version aimed at any company that recognises Trust as a key element of business relationships. Our online Trust Index allows multiple assessments to be carried out over time for a particular relationship, automatically handling comparison of results. The whole process is completed and managed online, with automatic email invitations and reminders. The tool is ready for use now, to find out more and get started, please contact us.

Relationship Management Tools

Relationship Management Plan Support

NIP has developed a web-based approach to create, maintain and develop a Relationship Management Plan (including supporting documents, projects and actions) based on an internal system we use to manage our own business. Our solutions have always been about empowering professional teams to work more effectively, usually across traditional organisational boundaries and with unstructured information that commonly falls between IT systems. The RMP, therefore, was a natural place to utilise that expertise. We’re currently looking for organisations ready to develop, enhance and implement this approach, so if you’d like to learn more, or better still join in, please contact us.

BS 11000 Implementation Support

This system is designed for organisations new to BS 11000. It provides a roadmap from inception to completion of certification and allows organisations to chart their progress and manage the whole process from end to end.