O4 Logo

Optimise4 or “04” is a business winning consultancy focussed on driving growth. We are a team of experienced business leaders and practitioners with a shared passion for business development. Working with companies of all sizes, across all sectors, we help them define and drive practical strategies for growth.

Unlike some consultancies, we are hands-on and work very closely alongside our clients to support their objectives, see them realise the benefits of the work we do and ensure they get a substantial return on their investment in our time.

O4 has a core of 3 directors, around whom we have built a group of key associates. Together we offer a broad and deep skills base that’s been gained across a number of industries – including energy, financial services, manufacturing, IT, education, aerospace, defence and corporate governance. We’ve worked in blue chip organisations, in local businesses and within the private and public sectors. Our current client base reflects this experience in its diversity.

Our strong local, national and international networks enables us to identify many exciting new opportunities for our clients, including the chance to collaborate with other firms in order to compete for larger contracts in wider geographical regions.

Our specialist skills include:

  • Partnering to access new business opportunities
  • Creating winning tenders
  • Business transformation and IT innovation
  • Business capture strategies(successfully identifying and capturing and accessing new markets and opportunities)
  • Creating and delivering business development roadmaps
  • Financial re-structuring
  • Exit strategies

All strategies have a ‘Winning Business’ focus, this is our DNA.

Please visit www.optimise4.co.uk for more information.