Working with The Institute for Collaborative Working, these unique CRAFT tools have been created to provide an easy to use toolbox to capture the collaborative profile of organisations and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. By making the programmes available online they enable users to capture information across a broad user base and instantly convert these perspectives into graphical displays and diagnostic reports.

Available tools include: Trust Index, Maturity Assessment, CRAFT Alignment and Collaborative Leadership

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Trust Index

Trust Index Understanding the levels of trust in a relationship

Trust is a critical ingredient for any successful business relationship. The Trust index is an easy to use on-line tool that benchmarks the levels of trust between organisations based on 10 key criteria, using a simple traffic light system to identify areas of potential risk. It provides a quick and easy monitor and diagnostic report for organisations to validate the level of engagement across a collaborative relationship, measure progress in building effective relationships and focus development action plans.

Maturity Assessment

Maturity AssessmentCreating a collaborative profile

Effective business relationships are a facet of both individual behaviours and the environment within which they operate. MAP was designed to provide a collaborative profile for an organisation by assessing three key areas of the operations – Attributes, Abilities and Attitude. By harnessing inputs vertically through the organisation and validating these with customers and suppliers, it provides a benchmark and development profile. It can be utilised for internal assessment or as an initial profile for potential collaborative partners.

CRAFT Alignment

Craft Alignment Aligning organisations to strengthen relationships

The test for any collaborative relationship is how well the parties are aligned across a spectrum of issues. This programme, based on the CRAFT eight stage model, draws the views of multiple individuals across the relationship and delivers a diagnostic report that provides a guide to strengths, weaknesses and levels of risk due to the alignment profile in current operations. It can be used to both baseline a current or new relationship and provide regular monitoring to assess progress, at the same time identifying key areas for development or intervention.

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative LeadershipAssessing suitability for a Collaborative Leadership role

Dynamic leadership is a key facet of every successful business venture and it is crucial in the context of a collaborative programme. Collaborative leaders need to recognise that their role is to be the advocate of the collaboration within their own organisation, which may often be at conflict with internal structures.

This tool helps individuals assess their suitability for a collaborative leadership role and suggests key areas for development.

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