Trust Index Trust is the crucial ingredient for effective collaboration and monitoring the enablers and inhibitors is a critical part of ensuring a proactive approach. A lack of trust and confidence can be a huge burden to business operations, and create an environment where governance and regulation may perhaps stifle opportunity. Building trust and monitoring development is one of the most challenging aspects of collaborative business models.

The TRUST INDEX is a perception based survey that can be used to regularly test individual’s views across the spectrum of interfaces between two or more organisations. It provides a consistent structure that can provide a valuable trend and benchmarking platform to identify key areas for more detailed investigation and action where appropriate. It is based on a simple series of questions focused on the key ingredients that have, through research, been shown to highlight the potential for trust to break down.

New Information Paradigms have been working with PSL to provide access to a web-based version of the CRAFT Trust Index, as part of a toolkit for companies undergoing BS11000 certification, for the past 2 years. We are now launching a stand alone version aimed at any company that recognises Trust as a key element of business relationships.

Our online Trust Index allows multiple assessments to be carried out over time for a particular relationship, automatically handling comparison of results. The whole process is completed and managed online, with automatic email invitations and reminders. The tool is ready for use now, to find out more and get started, please do contact us.

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