• What is a Relationship Management Plan?

    The Relationship Management Plan (RMP) is at the heart of a company's engagement with the BS 11000 standard.

    The introduction of an RMP provides a framework to both document the development process and create a dynamic record of a company's entire approach to partnering and collaboration. It establishes open, honest lines of communication between collaborators and is vital to the success of collaborative programmes.

  • Why implement BS 11000?

    Every company wants to enhance its competitiveness and performance. At the same time an organisation will want to provide added value for its customers. BS 11000 will help organisations do just that, by sharing knowledge, skills and resources to meet mutually defined objectives and deliver new and higher levels of value.

  • What is BS 11000?

    BS 11000 is a British Standard that is all about helping you and your partners work better together. More information can be found on our About page.

  • Who will undertake the assessment?

    BS 11000 Associates can provide support during implementation. However, the real value of the standard in the market place is that any assessment is totally independent. Therefore BSI will undertake the assessment.

  • How long will it take to reach certification?

    Current experience working with reasonably mature client suggests that between 3-6 months allows for the necessary processes to be embedded in an organisation.

  • What is it likely to cost to implement BS 11000?

    The cost of implementation is reflective of the level of maturity in terms of collaborative working. An initial self assessment will enable organisations to gauge the current level of compliance and a facilitated GAP analysis will provide a definitive implementation programme.

  • How do I get started?

    Firstly, buy a copy of the Standard.

    The best approach then is to identify a pilot programme which reflects a relationship that is currently working collaboratively. By working through the standard against the current policies, procedures and approach you will be able to create a blueprint that can be replicated across the organisation if appropriate.

  • Can I benefit from BS 11000 without certification?

    The benefits of implementing BS 11000 are numerous and will be organisation specific - based on the business objectives. Much of this can be realised without going down the certification route. However, the value of certification is the proof to stakeholders that best practice is being followed. The rigour and independence of the process guarantees consistency of implementation whilst driving continuous improvement.

  • Why should my organisation consider BS 11000?

    BS 11000 is relevant to any organisation working within or managing a supply chain, and to organisations wishing to improve efficiency and partnership working.