• A Hard Look at the Soft Side of Performance

    An excellent, thought-provoking article published by Supply Chain Quarterly.

    The article explains that Supply Chain scorecards typically focus on "hard" operational metrics and goes on the argue that, if companies want to capture a true picture of supply chain success, they also need to measure "soft" considerations in individual performance evaluations.

    It goes on to detail a case study involving the use of 360 degree feedback to accomplish this.

    Read the article here.

    If you have any thoughts or questions about relationship measurement, please do contact us.

  • Collaborative Leadership: Facilitation or Force

    The aim of this paper is to widen the debate around leadership skills in the context of a growing trend towards Alternative Business Models (ABM) against traditional operating concepts based on command and control. As ABM approaches, whether alliances, consortia or partnerships, increase to meet the challenges of the 21st century hierarchical structures fail to provide the agility and flexibility to optimise the effectiveness of interdependent operations.

  • Relationship Risk: Perception or Pragmatism

    The aim of this paper is to encourage both recognition and debate around the implications of relationships in business and the spectrum of inherent risk that a failure to manage relationships effectively can have on organisations the overall risk profile. Relationships are a fundamental aspect of all business activities and yet they seldom gain recognition when considering risk assessment and/or management.

  • The Importance of Relationships

    The aim of this paper is to consider the broader implications of relationships in a business environment against a background where the management of relationships is potentially ignored, perhaps with the exception of maintaining customer engagement. It offers a perspective on the implications for organisations across the multi-dimensional operations which influence both performance and the long term sustainability of relationships at both an individual and organisational level.

  • Collaboration: Osmosis or Process

    The aim of this paper is to expand the debate around the catalysts required to develop, promote, implement and maintain effective collaborative practice; exploring the interdependence between operational practices and the behaviours that underpin performance and outcomes.