• Collaborative Capability Self-assessment

    The perceived costs and effort involved in adopting BS11000 are often daunting, but the Collaborative Capability Self-assessment provides an affordable and high-value introduction to the principles of collaborative working.

    The Collaborative Capability Self-assessment:

    • Acts as a guide to the key elements of good collaborative practice, and to the process of adopting BS11000.
    • Enables organisations of any size to capture their existing collaborative working processes and measure their effectiveness.
    • Delivers an initial gap analysis report to use as a basis for collaborative development.

    The Collaborative Capability Self-assessment is therefore a significant first step on the collaborative working journey, as recognised by the support and endorsement of leading companies (such as Atkins, Bam Nuttall, Capita, Costain, Emcor, Lockheed Martin, NATS, Network Rail, Pera Training and Selex ES).

  • A Hard Look at the Soft Side of Performance

    An excellent, thought-provoking article published by Supply Chain Quarterly.

    The article explains that Supply Chain scorecards typically focus on "hard" operational metrics and goes on the argue that, if companies want to capture a true picture of supply chain success, they also need to measure "soft" considerations in individual performance evaluations.

    It goes on to detail a case study involving the use of 360 degree feedback to accomplish this.

    Read the article here.

    If you have any thoughts or questions about relationship measurement, please do contact us.

  • CRAFT Partnering Toolkit

    Working with The Institute for Collaborative Working, these unique CRAFT tools have been created to provide an easy to use toolbox to capture the collaborative profile of organisations and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. By making the programmes available online they enable users to capture information across a broad user base and instantly convert these perspectives into graphical displays and diagnostic reports.

    Available tools include: Trust Index, Maturity Assessment, CRAFT Alignment and Collaborative Leadership

    To get started with the tools, please do contact us.

  • BS 11000 Support

    New Information Paradigms has developed a web-based approach to support various aspects involved in the implementation of the BS 11000 Standard, based on an internal system we use to manage our own business.

    We're currently looking for organisations ready to develop, enhance and implement this approach, so if you'd like to learn more, or better still join in, please do contact us.

  • Trust Index Online Tool

    New Information Paradigms have been working with PSL to provide access to a web-based version of the CRAFT Trust Index, as part of a toolkit for companies undergoing BS11000 certification, for the past 2 years. We are now launching a stand alone version aimed at any company that recognises Trust as a key element of business relationships.

    To get started with the Trust Index, please do contact us.